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I asked the waiter, "Is this milk fresh?" he said,

"Sir, three hours ago it was grass."

- Phyllis Diller


We are an independent Danish consultancy company. Our dairy industry consultants have many years of experience in the international dairy industry. We have a strong focus on project management, business development and we provide highly specialized and multidisciplinary advice to our dairy customers.

Danish Dairy Consultancy Company

We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We deliver state-of-the-art independent advice based on the strong Danish tradition of food safety and high quality food products.

We understand your business

MyAdvizor has a comprehensive understanding of what is required to build and optimize dairy plants according to international standards. We provide independent and focused consultancy services within Design, Management and Business.

This enables us to provide all intellectual dairy services from A-Z – from idea to a fully commissioned and operational dairy plant. We also offer our help to expand, renew and optimize your dairy plant. Thereby producing your dairy products as efficient and sustainable as possible.

We make sure that you make the right investment – and business decisions. We ensure that you will get the advice that is best for the development and competitiveness of your business.

Make the right investment and business decisions

We help you to provide healthy, accessible (low cost) and high quality dairy products. We will challenge you in a way that creates innovative and sustainable solutions with the purpose of securing you a continuously profitable business.

Team work – a top priority

We believe that teamwork is the answer to a successful project implementation. Therefore, it is one of our top priorities to engage in a close collaboration with you in order to produce solutions that fits your unique situation and requirements! Together we will achieve your future goals.

Call today and we will be with you tomorrow

Do not hesitate to call us! You are always welcome to call for further information about our services or to just have an informal chat with us.  


MyAdvizor can offer the following competences:

  • Management
  • Business Development
  • Process engineering 
  • Utility engineering 
  • Civil Works design

Our competences enable us to provide the following services/concepts:


  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Construction Management
  • Leadership Development  
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management


  • Master Plan
  • Conceptual Design
  • Tender Dossiers
  • Engineering Follow Up
  • Architectural Follow Up 


  • Business Plan 
  • Production Analysis 
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Business Continuity Assessment

Contact MyAdvizor A/S

Owner & CEO
Soren Bollerup Hansen

Phone + 45 27 15 44 03